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Hi. This Project Site no longer active. It is closed for now! The developer need to do something else...

FreeBASIC developer library and tools:
  • X-Font
  • Ronin XSound
  • SR3 Sound Compression
  • XMCC File Archiver
  • Armory-Tar
  • Armory-BMP
  • StyleFolder

Xaviorsoft, founded in 2005, starting from small application developer. Later, Xaviorsoft innovative technology focuses on improving developer productivity, security, multimedia, games, and entertainment.
Only single person develop to working at this time.
But, I'm now moving towards 3 years creating universal abstract mind engines to solve problems which human still better to do than machine. It is now give better result than other best world class products (from Google, Bing, Yahoo) but still slow behind the progress since lack of fund.
Now, you can help the development by donating. It will support developer to buy better machines to develop, support more platform (Android) and spare life cost a bit. Thank you very much. -Vic

Xaviorsoft Studios - Homepage.

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