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 XFont (Text Render Library) Version 11.9.13

Xfont is designed for draw smooth font text to FreeBASIC graphics screen or image buffer. This lib support all graphics depth mode and unicode character range.

Platform Item
DOS Library, Documentation
Windows Library, Converter, Documentation
Linux Library, Converter, Documentation

 Ronin XSound Library Version 11.9.11

XSound is small a sound library. With OOP style, its keep simple to use. XSound use virtual channel to allow play up to 10 of channels at once on  limited hardware and have built-in audio special effects. Support wav/pcm and sr3 format.

Platform Item
Windows Lib, example & documentation

 SR3 Sound Compression Version 8.11.12

SR3 is sound compression based on low complex adpcm that developed to reduce wave bit size and fast decompression.

Platform Item
DOS Binary package
Windows Binary package
Linux Binary package

Armory-Tar Library Version 8.11.17

Armory-Tar is library designed to read TAR archive from file or memory location. Armory-Tar can use both case-sensitive or case-insenstitive filename access.

Platform Item
DOS Lib, example & documentation
Windows Lib, example & documentation
Linux Lib, example & documentation

XMCC Version 9.1.9

XMCC is free small file packer/archive. Support compression, encryption, and case-sensitive or case-insenstitive filename access for cross-platform support. Mainly designed for compacting resource for games in freeBASIC.
Note: if you working with resource directly from pointer/memory buffer, you can use almost entire library in this page since most library can working with loaded data from pointer (e.g. like Armory-BMP library can load/create image buffer directly from pointer).

Platform Item
DOS xmccr library, example & documentation
Windows Archiver tool, xmccr library, example & documentation
Linux Archiver tool, xmccr library, example & documentation

Armory-BMP Library Version 9.2.1

Designed for read/display bitmap (Windows or OS2 format) from file or pointer/memory buffer, also can be used as BLOAD alternative function. In addition, can reduce 15/16/24/32-bit image into palettized image, and/or convert loaded image into any color format.

Platform Item
DOS library, example & documentation
Windows library, example & documentation
Linux library, example & documentation

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